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Frequently Asked Questions

What are eDocuments?
eDocuments are electronic versions of documents that would otherwise be provided to you in paper.  Currently, these include Statements, Maturity Notices, Direct Deposit of Interest Notices, 1099’s, Offering Circulars, Offering Circular Supplements, and Interest Rate notices.  eDocuments are identical to the paper notices you receive and can be viewed, printed or saved right from your computer.

What is the myEasyMatchSM Code?
The myEasyMatchSM code (sometimes labeled “Document Code”) is usually located on the left-hand side of your statement, just under your mailing address.

Will I still receive a paper statement?
By signing up for eDocuments , you will no longer receive any of the above listed documents in paper format unless you specifically request so by selecting both paper and eDocuments under the profile tab.

Can I select which documents to receive electronically and which in paper?
At this time, enrollment in eDocuments sends all of the documents electronically.  You can request both paper and eDocuments under the profile tab.

When will I receive my eDocument?
Paper notification can take days using mail delivery. With eDocuments you can bypass this and receive your statements much earlier.

How will I know when my eDocument is ready for viewing?
You will receive an email notification letting you know that you have a document ready for viewing. You can access all of your account documents and notices from any computer by logging into your eDocument account at https://cif.mysecurebill.com/.

Can I have my eDocument notification sent to two different e-mail addresses?
Your eDocument notification can only be sent to one location, but you can access the documents from any computer.

We currently receive multiple statements because we have multiple forms of Investment Certificate ownership in our household. Will we be able to view all of our household’s eDocuments under a single login?
The answer depends on if your statements are “householded” or not. In other words, if your paper statements currently all come in one envelope, one log in will get you access to all those statements. If your statements come to you in multiple envelopes, each of these “envelopes” will require its own log in to eDocuments. You can make changes to the householding of your statements by contacting CIF Customer Service at 800.995.8574.

How long will my documents remain online?
You can view current and past documents for 12 months under "Document History."

What if I need record of any document for more than 12 months?
You can save your eDocument to your personal computer. Simply open up the document and select file>save – just be sure to do this before the document is 12 months old.

How do I view an eDcouments?
Once you have logged into your account, simply select the document icon and you will be able to view your  eDocument.

Is there a charge for eDocuments?
No, eDocuments are completely FREE!

Can I print my eDocument?
eDocuments can be printed just as any document you print from your computer.

What if I change my email address?
Log in to your personal account and select profile. If at any time you need to change your email address, name or password, this can be done on the My Profile tab.

Who should I contact if I don't receive my email notification?
If any questions arise please reference the 'Contact us' section on the left.

How do I opt out of eDocuments?
Log into your personal account and update your profile by selecting paper documents only.

What is Adobe Reader and why do I need it?
Adobe Acrobat® Reader ™ is free software used for viewing and printing of electronic forms. You will need this software installed in order for your computer to download, display or print your statement.

How can I get Adobe Reader?
If you need to download and install the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free of cost for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Solaris), click on the following link: Adobe Reader Download